Clinical Nutritionist & Harley Street Specialist

Thank you for connecting to this website. When you make an appointment at the clinic you will be seen by Carolyn Leigh, Registered Clinical Nutritionist and Harley Street specialist in named medical conditions. Carolyn’s combined experience as an acknowledged specialist in ME, CFS, Chronic Fatigue, Candida, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Dietary/Nutritional concerns, Thyroid conditions, Adrenal Testing, Allergy & Blood Testing, and Women’s Health, offers not only the qualifications. but also the capability and background to help you. For your convenience our local clinic is located in Poole Dorset.

Identifying the Root Cause

When you become a patient the primary focus is to identify the root cause of your illness/condition by pinpointing the underlying metabolic disturbances and nutritional imbalances which are contributing towards your illness/condition. To underpin this we have developed our very own Step in Time protocol which includes: Comprehensive specialist diagnostic testing and appliance of Nutritional Therapy for condition management.

Chronic Health Diagnostic Testing

To corroborate diagnoses we provide comprehensive accurate diagnostic tests through our accredited UK based independent laboratories. Diagnoses will focus on testing your bodies biochemical’s for specific cell dysfunction, organ function, enzymes, hormones, food intolerances and allergies. Further details of our extensive range of tests can be located here.

Consultation Costs

Our fees (to you) for private health care at the Poole clinic can be viewed by clicking here.

Laboratory Testing

Adrenal stress, chronic viral screen, thyroid, parasite, bacterial and allergy tests can be seen by clicking here.

Poole Clinic Appointments

For an appointment please call 0800 255 0482 or 01202 725090 or click here to email.

Specialist Clinic in Poole, Dorset

Expertise and specialism is focused on health solutions for:

  • Chronic Fatigue CFS/M.E, Mitochondrial, Adrenal Exhaustion, DHEA and Diagnostic Testing.
  • Fibromyalgia therapies, specialist remedial care and symptom management.
  • Candida – solutions for fungal infections and yeast overgrowths, Thrush and Vaginitis.
  • IBS & Digestive System Disease – solutions for Chronic Diarrhoea, Colitis, IBS, Crohns Disease, Diverticulitis, Acid reflux and Intestinal Parasites.
  • Allergies and Food Intolerances – therapies/solutions and highly accurate allergy, food, blood and Biomarker testing. For further details, please choose the appropriate clinic by clicking the links in the navigation.
  • Metabolism, Diet or Nutrition Concerns – Metabolic profiling, Nutritional Therapy, and Nutritional evaluation status testing and diet planners are offered which are personalised to meet your body’s requirements.
  • Women’s Health – solutions for PMT’s, menstrual, menopause, infertility, PCOS, and HRT problems.
  • High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol – Oral Chelation therapy cleanses and dilates blood vessels and arteries which have become constricted by accumulation of plaque over time. It is natural to the body and doesn’t involve injections or surgical intervention.
  • Thyroid Conditions – suffering from; Insomnia, Poor circulation, Excessive Fatigue, unexplained Night Sweats, Weight Gain or Hair Loss? We offer natural solutions for Thyroid problems without the side effects that conventional medication brings and highly sensitive and accurate Thyroid testing.

Want to know more or book an appointment, then please call us on 0800 255 0482 or 01202 725090