Do you suffer from unexplained weight gain no matter how little you eat, inexplicable fatigue, night sweats or temperature fluctuations, dry skin, hair loss or poor circulation? If so you may be one of the thousands of people who have failed to pass general medicine guidelines but still may have an under or over active thyroid condition.

Finding it hard to cope with stress, having problems sleeping, feeling chronically tired no matter how much you sleep?  Have you had a long term chronic illness or been under severe stress whether at home or at work? Stress whether external or internal can cause an imbalance of your stress hormones particularly the hormone Cortisol & Adrenal stress can result in exhaustion or insomnia.

Suffering with severe premenstrual tension?  Have you been diagnosed with Endometriosis, Fibroids, Polycystic ovary syndrome/ PICOS? Are you Perimenopausal/Menopausal/ Post Menopausal? Wishing to stop HRT? In need of nutritional support to increase fertility?

If you’re looking for specialist advice on Natural therapy, support and appropriate testing for all hormonal problems then look no further! As a leading Harley Street Nutritionist Carolyn Leigh BSc N.Med BANT has personal and specialized experience in supporting hormonal problems. Carolyn offers professional and accurate laboratory testing for all the hormones plus nutritional advice and solutions such as desiccated thyroid & adrenal glandular treatment, herbal, vitamin/mineral support and Bio Identical hormone therapy.

So if you’re in need of professional support and wish to book an appointment please contact us on 0800 255 0482 or email us at