Laboratory Testing

As part of your consultation process, diagnostic biomarker laboratory testing may be recommended to support diagnosis and therapy.

Why use Private Laboratory Testing?

Only highly accredited UK based laboratories are recommended. Over 200 laboratory tests are available to the clinic which provides independent evidence and reports of your health condition. Private laboratory testing offers highly sophisticated, highly sensitive and accurate testing unavailable through normal NHS testing. For example the “Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis” is a non invasive stool test which investigates all systems of the digestive system including pathogenic bacteria, parasites, absorption, digestion and inflammatory gut markers and a colonic risk assessment for cancer. Other tests such as the “Optimum Nutrition Profile” may be used as a preventative measure to identify early deficiencies and imbalances before chronic conditions and disease develops.

Private diagnostic testing really does offer the most effective analysis of your body's systems.

Please Note

Laboratory testing fees vary depending on the test and are an additional cost to your consultation.

Testing Enquiries

Please call 0800 255 0482 to discuss or to enquire about the cost for a specific test.

Available Tests

Over 200 Independent Laboratory Bio-Chemical Tests are Available Including:

  • Chronic Fatigue Screen
  • Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile/ DHEA levels
  • ATP Profile/Mitochondrial Function
  • Toxic Element Clearance Profile (Mercury/Heavy Metals Testing)
  • Total Thyroid Screening
  • B12 & Folate Profile
  • Chronic Viral Profile
  • Candida Screening & Antibody Profile
  • Comprehensive Bacteria & Parasitology Analysis
  • Gut Immunology Profile
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Clostridia Difficile
  • Helicobacter Pylori
  • Intestinal Permeability Test (Leaky Gut Test)
  • IBS Status
  • Celiac Testing
  • Food Intolerance Testing (IGG anti bodies)
  • Allergy Testing Food (IGE anti bodies))
  • Allergy Testing Inhalants (IGE anti bodies))
  • Optimum Nutrition Profile
  • Full Hormone Panel Testing (Male & Female)
  • Comprehensive Cardio-Vascular Assessment
  • Metabolic Analysis Profile (Neurotransmitters, energy metabolisms, gastrointestinal function, amino acids)