Poole Fees 2017

With busy clinics located in Harley Street London and Poole Dorset, Carolyn Leigh is a specialist in Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. Fees for Poole detail what you will expect to pay for consultations at the Harley Street clinic – as follows:

  • Initial Appointment: £80.00 (up to 1 hour)
  • Follow up appointments: £50.00 (up to 30 minutes)
  • Additional Fees: Patient medical status reports requested for other doctors/specialists are charged by the hour.
  • Email & Telephone Support: Email & Telephone contact is limited to fair & reasonable contact.
  • Other Costs: Laboratory testing & prescribed therapeutic supplements are at an additional cost.
  • Dietary Guidance Fees
  • For patients needing our weight management services or food allergy/intolerance services customized dietary guides and four week meal planners are offered. Fees for these services are as follows:
  • Regular Diet Guide: £45.00
  • 4 week meal planner: £75.00
  • Specialist Diet Guides & meal planners on request.
  • Complete Packages to include Consultation & Dietary guides/ planners on request.
  • Appointment Cancellation and Booking Policy:
  • In advance of your consultation considerable time is spent preparing for your visit and reviewing your case notes. It is therefore reasonable to assume that when you book an appointment you genuinely plan to attend on the agreed date and time. For this reason we ask that you place a strictly non-refundable appointment booking fee of 50% of the Initial Consultation Fee at the time of making your appointment with the other half to be paid at appointment.

Appointment cancellations or postponements giving less than 24hrs written or verbal notice to the clinic will incur a fee of half the standard consultation rate. Missed appointment (i.e. no notice given) will incur a fee of half the standard consultation rate. These terms may vary from time to time.

Methods of Payment

Payment by debit or credit card must be made on the day of consultation. Payment may also be made by cheque if supported by a valid debit card. We accept the following cards:

Payment by PayPal

To put pay a deposit through a secure payment by PayPal for your First Consultation please click the button below.

Please note: Laboratory Testing, Food Testing, and any prescribed supplements are extra costs to you.

Deposit for 1st Consultation £30.00