A selection of references from our patients are shown below:

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Ms. K.D.

Thank you for all your kind attention and support. Words cannot describe my appreciation that at last someone understands how I’ve been feeling and of course, helping me to get well.

Mr D.L & Mrs M.L.

I can honestly say that, by following the Practitioners advice, my blood pressure readings and cholesterol levels are now better than normal: I felt able to cease all medication and feel far more confident about my future. Also, my wife, who unexpectedly suffered a bad arterial fibrillation attack in September 2008, now follows the nutritional regime suggested by the Practitioner and has also, ceased all medication. We are both of the opinion that by taking the Practitioner’s Clinical Nutritional advice, her expertise could help others.

Mr S. N.

Just to update you on Dave’s doctors visit this morning. Everything is perfect. Blood pressure is now 135 over 80 opposed To 160 over 90. Potassium is well down at the correct level and the doctor was over the moon with his weight loss of one and half stone. So thank you very much for your suggestions and guidance. We shall be carrying on with this way of eating for life now.

M.E. Chronic Fatigue & Candida


Carolyn has been treating me for ME & Candida for just a few months yet already I have noticed quite significant improvements in my health. Through the treatments that she prescribed for me Carolyn has given me hope that I will be able to get my health back to a level that will enable me to enjoy my life again and whilst it is still early days for my recovery it has been wonderful to finally have hope and get to see ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’. I have found Carolyn to be a very approachable health practitioner and one who is very understanding of my specific health issues. I would recommend Carolyn without hesitation to anybody who is thinking of visiting her nutritional clinic.

Mrs A D Fair

Following 6 miserable years suffering from ME, I first visited Carolyn Leigh BSc in August 2010. I was made immediately aware of her understanding of this illness and felt reassured that she would be able to help me. She suggested that I should take some supplements and explained clearly what affect these would have and how they would reduce my symptoms especially the tiredness. Her other recommendation that I should undergo simple and painless tests at home I readily agreed to, thus assisting her to pinpoint the main problem. The subsequent treatment resulted in my being about 70-75% better, and I would suggest that anyone suffering from ME could benefit from Carolyn’s professional expertise.

Mrs N Bishop

Having spent 6 years battling with candida I then developed terrible digestive problems which made me very ill. Here in France I was given all the standard tests and told that there was nothing they could do. I searched the whole of France for a doctor who treated candida but failed . That was when I decided to search the internet and found Carolyn’s details online. By now I was desperate – desperate to find someone who not only treated candida, but also someone who I could talk to face to face. I was prepared to go to England to see her but instead we had skype meetings which was very convenient, and from our first meeting I felt that I’d finally found someone who understood and recognised my symptoms. I did a stool test and found that I not only had two fungal bacteria but also two parasites, hence the digestive problems. She gave me a course of treatment and told me to continue with my very strict candida diet and little by little things returned to normal. It was very tough at times and I’m not out of the woods yet, but my digestive problems have cleared up and my thrush is a thing of the past. As long as I continue to follow her recommendations I believe I will continue to stay in good health. Thank you Carolyn for helping me get my health back ! I really don’t know what I would have done without you ! I would recommend without hesitation to anyone with symptoms similar to mine to contact Carolyn.

Chronic Fatigue, Weight & Digestive Problems

Mrs F.S.

When I met with Carolyn, luck must have been on my side. I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue, Weight and Digestive Problems for a long time and needed to find an answer. Carolyn met me and I quickly found that her expert skills and deep rooted experience gave me the courage to undertake a programme of treatment to make me better again. We agreed a comprehensive course of treatment and although an uphill battle initially, the end result was all worth it. Carolyn only ever aimed to achieve the best results for which I cannot thank her enough. I found Carolyn to be very down to earth, extremely professional and dedicated to her work. Because of her I am now fully recovering from my symptoms. For all her hard work and support I say a heartfelt thank you and much appreciation for all she has done.

Chronic Fatigue & Poor Digestion

Mrs S.C.

Having had no satisfactory treatment from the NHS I put myself in this Clinic’s hands. I had been suffering for a couple of years from very poor digestion with fatigue, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, bloating and sores in my mouth. Following a very thorough written analysis of my symptoms I agreed to pay for lab tests which were conclusive in identifying my problem. It was helpful to read the lab reports which the Practitioner explained to me so that I fully understood the different problems in detail and therefore welcomed the treatments she proposed. Initially a deep cleansing was advised for three months, combined with a restricted diet and various supplements. In my case the uncomfortable symptoms quickly reduced and I was determined to remain disciplined and continue with the recommended diet and supplements in order to make a full recovery. I am now largely free of symptoms and have returned to eating most foods. I have always been interested in healthy living and read extensively in this area. I am the type of person who will try to self heal but I must stress that in this instance it would not have been possible for me to recover without the benefit of the Practitioner’s knowledge and support. The books she recommended with appropriate recipes were invaluable, but this would still not have been enough to help me through the recovery process without her understanding in treating my specific condition.

Multiple Sclerosis

Mrs J Meluish

My daughter Karen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.  She was treated with immune modulating drugs soon after.  Karen could not tolerate the extreme side effects of these toxic drugs although she endured the injections for a couple of years. Karen’s health seemed to deteriorate over the last two years.  Karen’s GP carried out an impressive number of tests in an effort to identify the causes of her symptoms – but she was completely baffled in the end and could offer no specific treatment. Karen’s headaches became (her words) paralyzing – poor concentration – extreme fatigue – poor circulation – extreme bloating and weight gain – and the symptom that prompted contact with Carolyn Leigh - difficulty breathing. I genuinely believed Karen was at serious risk of further health complications at this stage.

After completing the comprehensive health questionnaire sent by Carolyn and a number of lab tests, my daughter followed Carolyn’s course of treatment which was specifically designed to address Karen’s long list of debilitating symptoms.  The individual diet plan/recipes along with vitamins and supplements was not difficult for Karen to adhere to because she has always followed what was considered to be ‘a healthy diet’.

Karen has followed Carolyn’s diet plan with targeted supplements for three months.  After just a couple of weeks the worst of the symptoms had diminished.  One of the first things that I noticed was that her feet had a ‘normal’ healthy colour (previously her feet had been the colour of aubergines!)  Karen’s ‘paralyzing’ headaches have completely gone.  Her circulation seems to have greatly improved, she no longer has to sleep her days away, her energy has significantly improved, the bloating is subsiding and most importantly- she can now breathe normally.

I don’t usually complete reviews.  However, I am prompted by the significant improvement in my daughter’s health and well being and want to share this with other people who may feel hopeless about their ongoing symptoms and perhaps conventional treatments that don’t appear to help.

I genuinely want to thank Carolyn Leigh who is treating symptoms and helping people to get their health (and life) back to some normality. I would urge anyone who has auto-immune conditions to consider consulting a Clinical Nutritionist like Carolyn because I know now from experience that this approach really does work.  My daughter is now on the road to good health and it can only get better. Thank you Carolyn – my health has also improved!  I no longer worry about my daughter’s future and feel confident that Karen will continue to improve with your support and guidance.


Mrs J.R.

I went to see Carolyn because I have Hypothyroidism & was not happy taking a high dose of prescribed Thyroxine (125mcg). I also wanted to lose weight but had not been able to because I am disabled in a wheelchair so cant exercise. My digestion was also very poor & my hair was thinning. With Carolyn’s expert advice & GP monitoring after 6 months my Thyroxine was reduced to 75mcg & within 12 months was down to 25mcg. Both my digestion & my hair growth have now also improved. She has certainly helped me with her kind & attentive care & I can only say a big Thank you Carolyn for your Quality care! I would recommend her to anyone & already have.

Diverticulitis & Food Allergies

Mrs Sue Taylor.

Having suffered diverticulitis for many years and getting no satisfaction from my doctor I decided to seek nutritional advice. I saw the Practitioner and initially took a laboratory food intolerance test. After some scepticism I was amazed to discover that I was intolerant to several different types of foods. The Practitioner gave me a full diet sheet with advice on substitute foods which enabled me to eliminate the offending foods and I also followed the supplement regime she suggested. It wasn’t easy to begin with but eventually I began to feel the benefits and I feel so much better now that it has become a way of life. When I think back to the way I used to feel before I met the Practitioner I cannot believe the difference. I feel like a new woman and recommend her highly to someone suffering from these kind of problems. She is now currently treating my husband for a rare blood disorder.

Weight Loss

Mrs MKt

With the help and support of this Clinic my life changed for the better. After pregnancy I had a problem with my weight and I didn’t believe that I could return to my previous weight. However, thanks to the Practitioner’s advice & support I really did and it is amazing!! I feel so good, I look younger and what is more important I have lots of energy for my child. Thank you very much.

Fatigue/ IBS Digestive Problems

“I came to see Carolyn feeling really run down. I had been suffering from severe stomach problems and reduced energy levels for years. Having got nowhere with my GP I started to look elsewhere for help. I’d got to the point where I would try anything. After seven years, I accidentally found Carolyn online and booked an appointment. Her caring approach put me at ease immediately. Carolyn was the only person who looked at me and my symptoms as a whole rather than treating one symptom. We ordered some tests and hit the nail on the head straight away. With regards to aftercare, Carolyn was always available for advice over the phone or by email and kept in mind the price, as supplements can get quite costly. Six months on and I am in the best health I have ever been. I am now able to live my life to the full and not have to worry about over exhausting myself. It really has changed my life. Thank you!”

My show opens tomorrow which will fly by I am sure. And then I am off to New Zealand to travel for a month. Something I don’t think I could have done before!

Thanks you so much!

Arabella Rodrigos

IBS Digestive Problems

Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to email you to say thank you so very much for the treatment you gave me last year. I have improved so much since I last saw you and I’m now eating a normal, balanced diet again which is the most wonderful feeling after suffering so much for a long time. I’m so grateful for your advice and support.

Kind regards

Dear Carolyn
I really wanted to update you on my progress.

I have now completed 7 weeks of the diet that you shaped for me based on my intolerances. I have followed the diet strictly throughout this time including the Christmas and New Year periods supported by the food supplements prescribed and I am feeling so much better; my stomach is settled, I’ve not had diarrhoea for the last 4-5 weeks, I am not falling asleep in the chair in the evenings, my skin has improved and people are commenting on how well I look.

I have lost weight although I’ve not actually weighed myself but I am eating very well so hoping that this will balance itself soon but I will monitor this. I will continue as planned – I have booked an appointment to see you in early March at 3 months as discussed but I did not want to wait until then to tell you how good I feel and to thank you so much for helping me.

I am so very grateful for your clinical advice and detailed nutritional guidance.

Best wishes
Carol Clements

David Gover

Thanks Carolyn. I was very sceptical to begin with but having been let down by my GP and the NHS I had to try something different. The end result has been well worth it. My health has improved all round, especially the digestive issues which were a constant issue lowering my quality of life. Thanks again.

Severe Pancreatitis

I have suffered from pancreatitis for ten years I had been going to my doctors with the same problems, my stomach was bloated, I felt sick during every meal and having to leave the table and retire to bed at 7 pm. Two years ago my cholesterol was 8.4 and dropped to 6’4! Obviously I was worried and had tried statins and I just felt so ill. My Specialist gave me medication called Pancreases HL to help support my pancreatitis.  On asking my doctor are you sure that the this medication is enough to help my limited bit of pancreas cope with what I am eating and to break down the fats, the answer was yes and he advised me to cut down all animal fats in my diet. I did this and neither my health problems nor my cholesterol changed.

I had thought for many years now that my life was on hold and I could not get any better.

I was feeling so poorly that I got on line and by mistake got your details, I am thinking it was the best thing that could have happened to me as does my wife, family and friends.  I will send your details to The Pancreatitis Society and explain about your care and attention and what a BIB BIG difference you have made to my LIFE as I actually have one again and can now stay up until 11 pm at night. Thank you so much for ALL of your help.

Carolyn thank you so much and I will keep in contact regarding my health as promised.


Colin Appleby

Fybromyalgia / Candida

Hello, I would just like to express my thanks to Carolyn Leigh for her support and treatment over the last 4 months. When I went to her with a chronic pain condition, I had spent the last 7 years in pain and unable to sleep, feeling myself getting worse all of the time. I explained this to Carolyn who was extremely understanding and easy to talk to. It was apparent very quickly that Carolyn had a great depth of knowledge. She started me off with some tests and once she had confirmed what she suspected had been happening to me (candida amongst other other issues) she put me on a treatment plan. Within a matter of weeks my levels of pain began reducing, energy had increased and I actually started sleeping at night. Now, 4 months down the line, I can honestly say that Carolyn has completely changed my life! Having been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition so long ago and undertaken many different treatments (none of which had permanent effects) I had resigned myself to believing this was it for me. To be sat here now, not in pain, sleeping, with energy and even planning on returning to my GP to start coming off some of the medication is a miracle to me. I cannot thank Carolyn enough for her ongoing support, professionalism and knowledge. I have even been able to start tennis lessons!! I will continue to fully recommend her to anyone with chronic pain / nutritional concerns.

Mrs K Wisdom